Daily living aids for disabled people

As I mentioned in a previous post, I believe in the Social Model of Disability. That means we are disabled people and society disables us.  I get very frustrated as, in 2018 I am still disabled against by people daily, whether it is the things they say to me, the policies and procedures they work by, the physical aspects of buildings and the rest. People think life is getting simpler for disabled people because of all the help we now receive, except we don’t always get it, the laws to protect us, but people are still ignoring them,  and the things specially designed to help us, but they don’t always work. How many of you have bought a daily living aid for disabled people that don’t really work? Is this just another money making scam?

How many problems have I had, just this week, that I wouldn’t have had if I was not disabled? A quite few actually.

I am onto my 3rd e-mail to Unilever regarding a piece of metal Ben found in his Pot Noodle. I think I have told them everything they need to know, but I am sure they will find something else to ask me, such as how old is the kettle that was used to make the Pot Noodle.

Today, I am waiting for someone to come and mend my stairlift, which has broken AGAIN! At least I am downstairs today. I rang at 8.49 this morning, and I am still waiting, and it is now 3 pm and after another call they say he should be here between four and five. I’m glad it didn’t breakdown at lunchtime or I wouldn’t have gotten to bed tonight.

I am hoping my quotations for our downstairs extension are in the post today, so I can get further with that so that I will have a bedroom and wet room downstairs. It is over a week ago it was measured and discussed, but I am still waiting.

I am trying to find somewhere in the Crofton area where a family member can have a birthday party and I can get in and also use the toilet. I know I am very demanding, but I really cannot help it! So far I have found one I may be able to get into, but the accessible toilet is I the ladies, so my husband cannot take me, and he’s one of my carers.

So, apart from that, I was thinking about daily living aids for disabled people and how much money I have spent on things to help me that didn’t, wouldn’t or couldn’t. I have wasted my money on several things that I just couldn’t understand how to use, or they were impossible to use or didn’t work. I bought stuff like a needle threader, that was more difficult and harder to see than the needle, numerous bathroom aids I cannot use, and loads of sleep aids that are useless. The amount of money I have wasted is ridiculous, but I still keep trying.

What have you wasted money on, or did you find something that worked? I would love to know.

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